Orthopaedic Dog Beds for all sizes

Give your best friend the sleep they deserve with a Pawpedics orthopaedic pet bed.


Pawpedics memory foam dog beds aren’t just for dogs, they’re for everyone – we even let our cats sleep on them sometimes. Pawpedics luxury pet beds are comprised of three high quality layers and cater for even the fussiest sleepers. From Staffy’s and Terrier’s up to Retrievers, Dalmations & Great Danes there’s a size and fit for all.

The first layer is a 10cm thick (15cm thick for XL) high-density memory foam base with air flow ventilation cuts made horizontally through the foam to allow for air to flow through the bed, keeping your pet cool all year round. Having a supportive base means the Pawpedic is more than capable of providing adequate spinal alignment support to even the biggest of breeds. Some of our customers sleep two Great Danes on an XL size bed – that’s over 140kg!

The second layer is 3cm of cooling gel injected memory foam. Having a layer of cooling gel memory foam helps to relieve muscular tension and assist with temperature stabilisation in the warmer months. This layer is softer than the base, so it conforms a lot more to body contours and gives your pet a sense of security as it hugs them as they lay down.

The top and final layer is 3cm of perforated, non-toxic, odor-neutralising natural latex. This layer completes our structural orthopedic design and is what sets our pet beds apart from the rest. Natural latex is so luxurious that it almost doubled the manufacturing price – it didn’t matter, it had to be included. It’s so special that it’s probably not even in your own bed. Its known for easing joint pressure and creating that cloud like comfort that Pawpedics is known for.

An inner waterproof cover is what encases these three layers, protecting them from incontinence or puppy accidents. It’s hypoallergenic so it won’t affect your fancy Bichon Frise and its anti-microbial to stop nasty dust mites annoying your pal. If by any chance you need to wash it, you can!

The outer cover is luxury ultra-durable sofa fabric, made in Poland. We chose this fabric because we wanted the best and we noticed how much dogs and cats simply love sleeping on couches and lounges whenever they can get away with it. Our outer cover is machine washable, has an extremely high piling resistance and is dirt, hair and scratch proof. It’s anti-static so vacuuming off loose hair is painless, and should incontinence or spills occur, simply wipe clean with baby or pet wipes.

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