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What's the difference between the Original and Cooling Gel Dog Mat?

Our original Pawpedics was designed to cater to larger, heavier or post surgical patients who need the extra support. This means no expense was spared and we included natural latex and a more premium heavy duty memory foam base.

Our dog mat is still a premium product, but by removing the ultra plush latex and lowering the density of the memory foam by 10% we are able to cater to the needs and budgets of more dog and pet owners.

Our dog mat still includes premium perforated cooling gel memory foam and laser cut airflow channels throughout its design but is half the thickness overall. It's comparable to a camping mattress in a swag, if not about twice as comfy with all long lasting, machine washable components.

Is your bed chew proof and indestructible?

We have a rule of thumb that has not failed us for the last five years, this being:

  1. If your dog or pet chews your furniture or other household items (outside of their current bedding) - they will attempt to destroy a Pawpedics.
  2. If they only destroy their current bed, they will likely not destroy a Pawpedics. Why? A Pawpedics weighs a lot and we are convinced your pet will see it more as a piece of furntiture (like your own bed and lounge) as compared to a flimsy piece of fluffy fabric with some useless stuffing.

It takes a lot of work to move around or try to play with a Pawpedics like a toy. Not convinced? Check out our reviews by owners who have solved their bed destruction issues!

What is the Pawpedics bed made from?

We source only the best quality, raw materials from around the world to make up the various components of the Pawpedics pet bed.

  • Original Charcoal Covers: 100% heavy duty polyester - manufactured in Poland.
  • Boucle Outer Covers: Wool & Cotton blend.
  • Inner Covers: The Evolon antimicrobial, microfilament inner cover is sourced from Germany. This cover is completely waterproof, anti-mite, breathable and eco-friendly.
  • Latex & Memory Foam: Natural latex is sourced from Japan, and the human grade, orthopaedic high-density memory foam is sourced from China.
  • Zippers: YKK Zippers sourced from Japan.
Is the material durable?

Yes, our customers from 4 years ago are still using their original covers. If you are interested, here is some technical jargon from our OEKO-TEX testing and compliance:

  • Grammage: 2370g/m²
  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Martindale Test: 50000-60000
  • Thread displacement: 2,2-2,4 mm WARP / 1,9-2,1 mm WEFT
  • Pilling Resistance: 90%
  • Dry Rubbing Resistance: 90%
  • Wet Rubbing Resistance: 90%
  • Cigarette Test: No Burning Identified
What size should I buy?

If you’re not quite sure which size is right for you, refer to our "Size Chart" tab on the product page.

As a general guide, you can also use the below measurements to measure your pet from nose to tail:

  • XS: 45 x 60cm (10cm thick)
  • S: 60 x 80cm (15cm thick)
  • M: 75 x 100cm (15cm thick)
  • L: 90 x 120cm (15cm thick)
  • XL: 150 x 120cm (20cm thick)


The original Pawpedics cover is made from 100% polyester material, and has been selected and thoroughly tested because of it’s high tensile strength, its abrasive resistance, tear growth resistance, resistance to seam slippage and pilling resistance. The material is scratch, stain, dirt and pet hair resistant, meaning the hair will sit on top of the fabric instead of being embedded between fibres like most pet beds.

The Pawpedic Inner Cover material was selected due to it’s micro-filament, isotropic innovation using patented technology, ensuring strength and dimensional stability.

The latex and memory foam were both manufactured and tested to ensure that they will not lose their shape or uniformity, but instead mould to your pet’s individual, orthopedic requirements.

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Cooling / Comfort

The first layer of the Pawpedic pet bed is a breathable, naturally derived latex layer eases joint pressure for ultimate comfort and orthopedic support for your pet’s bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. This layer also comprises of a series of holes and non-toxic, odour neutralising components.

The second layer of the Pawpedic pet bed is a cooling gel injected memory foam layer that conforms to your pet’s bodily contours; relieving muscular tension, pressure on their joints and aligns their spine. The cooling gel stabilises the temperature of the bed, ensuring that your pet remains comfortable throughout the hotter months.

Orthopedic Support

The third, base layer of the Pawpedic pet bed is a high-density, non-toxic memory foam to support spinal alignment, and further relieve muscle tension and pressure on joints. Furthermore, it’s structural, orthopedic design boasts air flow ventilation to neutralise odours.

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Water Repelling & Machine Washable

Original Charcoal Covers

Made from 100% Polyester and is non-slip, washable and water-repellent. The fabric protects against the rapid absorption of liquids which will instead condense on the surface of the material. This gives you time to use a soft cloth or paper towel to absorb the liquid. If soaked, the cover can easily be hand washed. If you need to machine wash, we recommend using the ‘hand wash’ cycle only. Allow to air dry. Do not tumble dry. It can also be steamed to remove creases in the fabric once received and removed from the box. If your pet has brought the outside in, don’t despair! Simply vacuum the loose dirt away.

Inner Covers

The anti-microbial inner cover utilises patented technology to provide you with a completely waterproof material. This means you won’t have to worry about incontinence! You can use a pet-friendly stain and odour remover with a wet rag to clean up any mess. Allow to air-dry. If you wish to wash the inner cover, simply place in your washing machine on warm setting and allow to air dry. Do not tumble dry.

Sizing to Suit All Breeds

Our beds are designed to encourage your pet to stretch out. For best fit, measure your pet from nose to tail.

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I ordered the XL ortho bed for my 7 yr old German shepherd, I wish I bought this ages ago. Everything about it is perfect and he absolutely loves it. I mainly got it because he is huge and this bed is also huge, and for his hips and joints as he is getting old.


We bought this mattress for our 9 1/2 year old choc. Labrador Coco who has just had surgery for a ruptured cruciate ligament. She is not allowed to jump onto couch while she is healing so we purchased this Pawpedics mattress, she absolutely loves it, made herself comfortable the moment we unpacked it, sleeps all night and wakes up with a big smile every morning.
Delivery was very quick!!! Very impressed.
Thank you so much