• Why do dogs eat grass?

    Why do dogs eat grass?

    Our canine and feline companions have both been known to feast on grass and/or plants from time to time. You may be a little confused, or perhaps worried. Why does it cause vomiting? Are they hungry? Are they bored? Are they sick? Can grass make them unwell? You are not alone with your concerns.
  • What is tick paralysis?

    HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT TICK PARALYSIS? We’ve finally welcomed summer and the festive season is almost upon us. With this warmer weather, comes tick season. You may be wondering, “What is tick paralysis?” or,  “How can I protect my dog from tick paralysis this summer?” Tick paralysis is a systemically serious condition that can turn fatal rapidly. So what are they and...
  • Keeping your pet cool this summer

    Did you know that both dogs and cats can get sunburned? Or that short-nosed dog breeds have more trouble cooling down through panting? Or that shaving your dog’s fur coat may be more harmful than not? The Australian summer heat and sunlight is a serious issue for our pets, who depend on us to keep them safe, happy and healthy. Here are a few tips...
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