• Best Dog Bed For Labrador Retrievers

    Best Dog Bed For Labrador Retrievers

    The best dog bed for a Labrador Retriever is, of course, the Pawpedic Orthopaedic Dog Bed.  Designed and manufactured for all shapes and sizes, the Pawpedic bed provides orthopaedic comfort by perfectly aligning the spine and providing support to your Labrador’s muscles and joints with its high-density, non-toxic memory foam. It is the perfect bed to support genetically pre-disposed health conditions in Labradors including...
  • Everything You Need To Know About Snakes And Your Pets

    Everything You Need To Know About Snakes And Your Pets

    Love them or hate them, Australia is crawling (well, slithering) with snakes of all kinds – and they’re as fascinating as they are somewhat fearsome. Snakes have a particular home range within which they spend their life. The most likely time for people to encounter snakes in their garden is spring when the males are passing through as they are out looking for females...
  • Festive Foods That Are Toxic For Your Pet

    Festive Foods That Are Toxic For Your Pet

    I’m sure even the most strict of pet owners will give in to the “cute eyes” around Christmas by giving their pet a treat. Whether it be a bit of Christmas pudding or leftover ham.. you name it! What you may not know is that there are a variety of foods that may seem harmless to your pet (especially when they love the taste...
  • Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

    Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

    Our canine and feline companions have both been known to feast on grass and/or plants from time to time. You may be a little confused, or perhaps worried. Why does it cause vomiting? Are they hungry? Are they bored? Are they sick? Can grass make them unwell? You are not alone with your concerns.
  • What Is Tick Paralysis?

    What Is Tick Paralysis?

    HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT TICK PARALYSIS? We’ve finally welcomed summer and the festive season is almost upon us. With this warmer weather, comes tick season. You may be wondering, “What is tick paralysis?” or,  “How can I protect my dog from tick paralysis this summer?” Tick paralysis is a systemically serious condition that can turn fatal rapidly. So what are Ticks and...
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