Meet The Veterinary Nurse Author

Meet The Veterinary Nurse Author

Hollie-Ann Rachow
Cert II AS, Cert IV VN
RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse).

Hollie-Ann is a qualified Veterinary Nurse who has worked in both Domestic Veterinary Clinics and with Wildlife and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with animal health and behaviour. Trauma and a love of all animals is where her passion for nursing was ignited; helping those whose voices are less heard.

She has both a cat and a dog of her own. Rosie is her Labrador Retriever. She was a rescue who came to her after being abandoned without her puppies, very sick, anxious and untrained. Rosie now a seven-year old has Bilateral Hip Dysplasia and is currently battling Transitional Cell Carcinoma in her Urethra but living her best, carefree life.

Pawpedics was founded in 2019 when Hollie-Ann couldn't find a suitable Orthopaedic Pet Bed on the market that provided Orthopaedic support particularly for Hip Dysplasia, spinal alignment (without boulders) and ultimate comfort for her Lab. One that would also assist with loud Labrador snoring would be a bonus!

After looking at everything on the market, she became frustrated that there were beds marketed as "Orthopaedic" with just memory foam that was low grade meaning that pets would just sink into the foam. They were basically overpriced, unsupportive cushions that would be better served as toys.

Soon thereafter, her partner Alex Newman (Managing Director of Pawpedics) created the first design and the first samples were manufactured. The design was then tweaked as they wanted the most support from the Orthopaedic memory foam. He found the best specialised manufacturers from around the world to develop the different layers to the bed. Throughout the entire process, Rosie inspired the product development.

Fast forward to now, and thousands of Pawpedics beds are in Aussie homes; providing GENUINE Orthopaedic support and spinal alignment to all dogs.