What Is The Best Orthopaedic Dog Bed?

What Is The Best Orthopaedic Dog Bed?

What Is The Best Orthopaedic Dog Bed?

Do you ever find your dog splayed out on the hard floor, curled up in a pile of blankets or on your bed? Your dog deserves the best, including a comfortable bed to sleep on (that isn’t yours!) Going about choosing the best one for them can be so difficult with a vast array of dog bed options available on the market. 

Finding the best bed for your dog is a matter of knowing how they prefer to sleep, along with what health requirements they have. Perhaps your pet is recovering from surgery, or maybe they are getting older and you’re starting to notice signs of slowing down. As dogs age, they may develop arthritis in their joint, hip dysplasia, obesity and/or joint conditions. These health issues require specific support to target these key areas of concern. Orthopedic Dog Beds provide just that.

When looking for a high-quality Orthopedic bed, they should be made of thick, high-density memory foam that cradles all of the pressure points, and supports the muscles, joints and spine by conforming to your pet’s bodily contours. Spinal alignment is critical to provide support to the body systemically by distributing their weight evenly across the bed. The bed should also allow enough room for your dog to stretch out completely on a flat surface.

Many beds marketed as Orthopaedic Dog Beds are made from memory foam alone. On its own, memory foam is not efficient enough as your dog will sink too far into the soft surface and negate the pressure relief. To achieve the best pressure relief there must be more layers to aid in support and soothing pressure relief. A layer of latex is something great to look for in a great quality Orthopaedic Dog Bed. This is the material that will prevent your dog from sinking into the memory foam. This layer provides the pressure relief on arthritic joints.

Having a cooling-gel injected layer in an Orthopaedic bed enables proper thermoregulation for your dog, especially in the summer months. It also aids in breathability. 

What’s more, it is important to choose an Orthopaedic Dog Bed that is breathable and odour neutralising with naturally derived materials that are non-toxic. These factors will help keep your dog’s bed clean and fresh. Having a bed that is easy to clean is not only convenient, but will also aid in your pet’s comfort.

It is all of these factors that ensure your pet remains comfortable year-round on their bed.

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