• What makes a good dog bed?

    What makes a good dog bed?
    Every dog owner wants their fur baby to have the best sleep possible. Dog owners hate seeing their pooches rolling around in discomfort, but unfortunately it’s hard to find a luxury dog bed that is perfectly suited to your specific breed. So this begs the question: what makes a good dog bed? The answer is that there are no specific rules as to what...
  • The Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs

    The Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs
    Whether you have a Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard or a Burnese Mountain Dog, choosing the perfect bed for Large Dogs couldn't be more difficult with so many different dog bed options available on the market! Most dogs beds have an uneven, unsupportive surface of which simply becomes even more so over time. Usually made from cheap Polyfil, or low density memory...
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