What makes a good dog bed?

What makes a good dog bed?

What makes a good dog bed?

Every dog owner wants their fur baby to have the best sleep possible. Dog owners hate seeing their pooches rolling around in discomfort, but unfortunately it’s hard to find a luxury dog bed that is perfectly suited to your specific breed.

So this begs the question: what makes a good dog bed? The answer is that there are no specific rules as to what defines a good dog bed - it comes down to your particular dog and their needs!

With this in mind, we have put together this little guide to ensure that you get the right bed for your doggy.

Why your dog needs a bed

Although you might let your dog cuddle up to you at night, it is still a good idea for them to have a bed. A good dog bed allows them to sleep comfortably during the day and when you’re not at home. It provides them with a supportive place to rest that won’t cause trouble for their joints.

Older dogs are unfortunately susceptible to arthritis, which is often the result of a happy life filled with play. But you can help support their joints before they get older through purchasing a quality dog bed.


Large dog sitting on a charcoal coloured dog bed

What bed is right for your dog?

There are an absolutely endless amount of dog beds on the market - just go to any pet shop and you will find plenty there. But you have to know how to choose the right one for your dog based on things like your dog’s breed, medical needs, the bed’s size, cost etc.

These are some of the considerations for choosing the right bed for your dog:

  • Fit: Will your dog fit comfortably in the bed? Sure, you might have a tiny little golden retriever now, but they can grow pretty quickly, and you don’t want to find yourself disposing of the bed you bought them when they were a puppy! Choosing the right size bed for your dog now and for when they grow into an adult is a great way to ensure they will stay comfy in the bed for years to come. Just ensure that if you go for this option, you will be choosing a good quality bed with durable materials. This way the bed will keep well for years even after a few years of happy dog dream scratches!


  • Washability: Doggies are susceptible to all kinds of mishaps - not just the peeing/pooping kind! You want to ensure your new dog bed is highly washable and can fit into the washing machine. Otherwise, you might end up with a really dirty dog bed in absolutely no time which, unfortunately, usually means buying a new one.


  • Suitable stuffing: Your new little friend will probably be able to get away with a more inexpensive foam, as they are warm and healthy. However, older dogs might require more expensive orthopaedic foam to ensure that their older joints are being supported. Beds with thick, highly flexible gel have become popular as a more comfortable option than foam, as they distribute weight more evenly - important for older dogs.  

Safety is key

Finally, remember to place the bed out of harm’s way - you don’t want anyone accidentally tripping on your dog! Finally, ensure that your dog doesn’t chew on the bed and remove anything like buttons that they might want to eat - these can all be hazardous for your dog.