The Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs

The Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs

The Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs

Whether you have a Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard or a Burnese Mountain Dog, choosing the perfect bed for Large Dogs couldn't be more difficult with so many different dog bed options available on the market!

Most dogs beds have an uneven, unsupportive surface of which simply becomes even more so over time. Usually made from cheap Polyfil, or low density memory foam at best, they are essentially over-priced cushions that provide little to no support for your dog and would be better served as a toy. Ironically enough, they usually do end up encouraging destructive behaviours as they are made from similar fibres to most dog toys. What's more, most dog beds on the market do not cater for large dog breeds, let alone allow enough room for them to stretch out completely on a flat surface.

Many beds marketed as Orthopaedic Dog Beds are made from low density memory foam alone. On its own, memory foam is not efficient enough support as your dog will sink too far into the soft surface which negates the pressure relief on their joints. To achieve the best support and pressure relief there must be more layers to the bed.

Unlike their smaller, lighter counterparts, larger dogs like Great Danes require specific support to target key pressure points, cradle the joints, support their large muscles and conform to their bodily contours. Spinal alignment is particularly critical to provide support to the canine body systemically by distributing their heavy weight evenly across the bed.

When looking for a high-quality Dog Bed, they should be made of thick, high-density memory foam that cradles all of the pressure points, and supports the muscles, joints and ensuring spinal alignment by conforming to your large dog’s bodily contours. Overall, here are the key factors to consider when comparing Dog Beds for Large Dogs:

Larger Dogs require beds that allow them to stretch out for complete, balanced support. If you're picking a dog bed for a puppy, you will need to remember that they grow quickly so it is best to look for one in the size they will grow into. An Orthopaedic Dog Bed is the best option when it comes to ultimate comfort.

Authentic, Orthopedic bedding provides the best support as they're made with high density memory foam and natural latex. They're much more durable; able to withstand any weight without losing their shape over time. Thus, they're fantastic for assisting with chronic pain associated with arthritic joints, along with supporting post surgical patients with swelling, pain and discomfort.

Large Dogs in particular are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. Choosing an Orthopedic Dog Bed can made a huge difference in their overall health and wellbeing by providing relief and support.

Finally, having a bed that holds heat during the summer months can be quite uncomfortable. Having a cooling gel injected bed on the other hand, is a great option for keeping dogs comfortable and assist thermoregulation. Many memory foam beds have a gel-cooled section that gives your dog the best of both worlds - ultimate cooling comfort!

Hollie-Ann Rachow
Cert II AS, Cert IV VN
RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse).